officially semester 7

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hi wabarakatuh

at that time (do see my pict above), i'm officially semester 7. walaupun dah praktikum 2 bulan lebih. tapi hari ni baru dftar semester 7 kan..huhuhu.da lama rupanya ak berada kat UPSI. learn how to be a teacher. O Allah. TQ for all of this. 

O Allah. I really changed again. the previous disease come and attack me. da lama x begini. Pasti ini peringatan Mu Ya Allah. U know what, sometimes i become a person who has a hard cover protection on my heart but sometimes vice verse. I being too weak. A lot of sickness. I know i have lots of weakness but please. even my parent never mention all that, but give me strength. And again I can't accept all. 

But I know it's all from U, i can can can can.. even I can't i still can can can. Allah. Allah. Allah. Only Allah can hold my heart. Allah, peganglah hati ini, jgnlah Kau bolak balikkan ia. Amin. 

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