Last but not least.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hi wabarakatuh

Akhirnya ak selamat di'observe' untuk kali ketiga oleh lecturer ak Dr Mai Shihah. Malas nk cerita panjang but i think all the 3 times kena observe, satu pon ak x perform better. 

but all the advice from Dr. sgt2 lah hebat. n benda tu semua yang buat ak dan kawan2 belajar something about teaching people. compared to those that never been observed by their lecturer, lagi baik la kami ni yang diobserved and Dr komen bnyk2 pon x pe.. kata Belajar dr kesilapan kan. 

walaupun kadang2 tension smpai mcm ni sekali, tp its really worth. Others never get the experience like us. dan Ak? sangat-sangat berterima kasih kepada Dr. Dr, if  i got a chance i want to say "Dr, I love U. Tq Dr for being so nice for me. Tq for all the knowledge U shared with me. Tq for being patient our behaviour. Tq for all things, times u sacrificed. 

last but not least, comment from Dr. 

You're quite patient with the students. This is good personality. But please be firm with them to manage the class. Identify those who are playful. Pay more attention to them. Anyway, U have good empathy. All the best..

Tq Tq Tq Tq for All. lecturers, Rakan Guru SM KE, beloved students, Friends. 

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