comes and goes

assalamualaikum teman~~

friends comes and goes..
sometimes i do not understand what they meant...
how they react towards something that they do not satisfied..
i just want my friends to be honest with me..
tell me if i did wrong.. 
people said friends are always for u when u r in good way, when u r happy,
 n they will not around when u r sad. when u r in need. 
but i never admit it.
i said i always have friends till one day i felt so lonely.
i have them. 
i ask for them but they slowly / silently refused me.
how much am i bad ?? 
what i have done to u.
is something cannot be forgive.
i seriously do not understand it.
then i have to agree truly great friend are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.
because it is hard to find. 
n i know that i'm not a good friends to all my friends but i always try to be good for them being beside them. 

currently profile pict at fb
comey kan?

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