ak geram ak malu

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hi wabarakatuh

ak dapat msg dr kawan non muslim..
Ain, hari ni brape hari bulan dalam bulan Islam. 
ak text and reply her "18 Jamadilakhir" 

then, my friend told me someone ( the leader of a project ) ask her to make a letter. she ask him about the date in Islam and He answered just like ....... she print screen for me to make sure that i believe her. but, i have a problem in editing,deleting and highliting the pict and name of them. so that, i just can show u the dialog. 

Perempuan Non Muslim itu : Tarikh harini dalam kalendar Islam ape?

Lelaki Muslim itu : ak mana tau.

Perempuan Non Muslim itu : laa...p la ceq sat..hg kan Islam..

Lelaki Muslim itu : ahhahahaha..tanya member ang..ak nk p mandi... 


( Ya Allah, malu nyer ak.. what Non Muslim would say to us. even the date of the day in Islamic Calendar U can't find and tell her. why not u search internet, look at the calendar ( even Calendar Masihi pon ada bulan dalam Islam. ) 

when someone (non muslim) said "hang kan Islam" , did he doesn't feel anything. feel that we should show to them that we are care about our religion, we know any single thing related to our religion and of course we are in da'i in attracting the non muslim to our religion. as we know that, Islam is the best way of life. the deen. 

yes! we are not ustaz or ustazah for wider the wing of dakwah and others, and we have not many knowledge of Islam to spread to others, but the little that we have, if we spread it, we got the 'pahala' that Allah promised. The duty in dakwah is the responsibilities of all muslims. 

sorry, because i'm not the one that good in writing even in saying the good words, but i do hope people can understand what i mean. till then. 

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