kena tindih ?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hi wabarakatuh

i experienced more than once twice and double twice. i seriously didn't know the reason of being 'tindih'. but when i told my buddy, she ask me to read the du'a below before sleep. dulu, at hostel pon i experienced, but when i told daddy, he said it is because i slept on the floor. ahahhaah.. buat reason x betul je abah ni. ada jgk org kata mereka pernah tngok bnda tu time kena tindih. jangan la bagi ak tertengok bnda tu. smlm sleep in friend's room, pon kena lagi. Allah. What should I do? 

Guys, I have some Questions :
1) Kenapa 'kena tindih' ni terjadi? Apa punca dye? 
2) Ada effect x kat kita kalo kena ni? 
3) How to prevent us from being 'tindih' again? 

anyone knows and have any information about this thing please do share with me. Thank You. =)

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