^ Teluk Batik ^

assalamualaikum teman~~

my last esaimen of plant physiology is having a field trip at teluk batik..
it's just like a holiday for us...because we can njoy lot there...
instead of doing aur research project..we still have time to ride for banana boat..
swimming, shopping and lepaking of kos..
we're in a course...we're in a family..big family..
the best part n serious i'm sengkek after that is shopping la..
gler pnya shopping da mcm ada sugar daddy yg tolom bayar..
muahahhahaa..tp x pe ak beli utk my sibling je pom..
xde pom nk bg kt kekasih ke ape ke...family je ok..n best fren~~
there,lots of monkey..bngun je pg esok tu tngok monkey ngan beratur
ngah trun cari mkn da..serious bnyk..
mcm tngok semut berbaris cari mkn la kan..n da sadis part is 
when our camp site diceroboh oleh monkey2 ini...
abes selerak ngan sampah2 makanan..


hmmm...many things happen there...
da things that will remain in our memory..
forever n ever..

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