@ success, Failure, and A slap to the cheek. @

assalamualaikum teman~~

First of all, this is just my opinion based on how I perceive things. This is not a verbal assault to anyone.

It's okay to fail, or to get an unconvincing grades,but if and only if you work and pray hard before trying.

Don't just talk about believing in ALLAH's Qada' and Qadr, practice it!

Example : You can never get 10 bunch of bananas if you only plant one banana plant, because it's ALLAH's Qadr that normally one banana plant will only bear a bunch of banana.

Ever heard of the English Idiom "You reap what you sow"?

The same thing applies to our studies. You can't expect to get good grades if you don't work hard. Reading a book 2 times yields a different result than just reading it once.

You can talk about societies, lack of time, or lack of interest,or how busy you are thinking about when and with who you're getting married (just jokin' :P), but a responsibility is a responsibility,and ALLAH's Qadr will always be ALLAH's qadr. It's not like I'm against societies, in fact I think that societies is important. But, we have to be rational, and set our priorities. I also think that interest can be developed although this may sound Idealistic, but it's more sane to finish what you don't want to study rather than failing and ending up having to pay thousands of RM. At least after you graduated, you have theoption of continuing or doing something else but again, this may sound idealistic because JPA scholars are bonded to the government, but still, this is the more sane option.

ALLAH is fair and just. As much as you hate what you are studying,but if you work hard, ALLAH will reward you with success that you deserve based on how much you worked.

So let's give our cheeks a little bit of slapping,and start working our socks off now!

apa2 pon usaha tu pnting...NO MATTER HOW GENIUS U AR...99% is perspiration....1% is gift.

cpying from mursyid...just agree with him..mursyid pndai berkata2 n cayalah....sgt best notes mursyid ni..

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