# girlz power

The winner is .......................lama tol dye tarik nafas nk sebut..
kami group P wat bodo je la kan...x mng kot....mcm org lain better ag kan..
tetiba gegendang telinga ak dengar 'GROUP P' conducted by Solehah Zulkifly...
ahaaa...pe ag.sume kat ctu berteriak,shoutng each other..smpai gema stu auditorium tu...
ahahaha.....group kami mng!!!!mcm x caye,,p da reality is that....


Good morning,slmt pagi,chao an,kalai vanakam n slmt buru pagi
To the judges and audience

In explosions of dinamites
Here we come 
Ladies n gentleman
We,the young generation of today 
Presenting to u a better tomorrow.
Please sit back,relax n njoy.

Malaysia is a multi racial country,
We have malays,chinese,indians,and others minorities
A country that belongs to all Malaysian.
A unique heritage of different races,
A harmonious blend unlike any in the world,
M.A.L.A.Y.S.I.A truly asia.

We have malaysians who made us proud.
But who????
Datuk Jimmy Choo..The cheapest pair cost 3000 ringgit. [ really ]
Datuk Bernard Chandran...The fashioned designer extraordinaire. [ wow ]
Datuk Azhar Mansor..The brave seafaring adventurer.
Datuk Siti Nurhaliza..The talented night tingale.
Datuk Michelle Yeoh..The bond girl.. [ bang ]

I wish to be a great scientist
I wish to be a great teacher
I wish to be a great lawyer [ yes,strive to succeed ]
Hey2x,how about me?? 
I wish to be a prime minister of Malaysia [right,we need to dream to achieve reality]

Hey Malaysians,we must have a sense of fairness.
A common sense approach to the world.
Right!!People will share if they have their fair share.
They will listen if they are listened to.
So,we must create a nation.
Where there is a fair share for all.
And we must listen,discuss 
And hold onto our share belief
Of being truly one Malaysia.

Our vision!!! What? What? What?
To live up to our expectation.
To reach our goals.

In the world of sports.
Agony of defeat.
Glory of success.
We have made our presence.
Felt in more ways than one.
Nicole Ann David.
Squashing her rivals,with her skill and dexterity.
Shalin Zulkifly will bowl u over [down..down..down] [ strike !! yes! ]
Datuk Lee Chong Wei. 
Ruling the courts over the world.
Our Malaysian sport star.
A beacon of hope and inspiration.

Into the final frontier.
Here we come.
With our handsome astronout [ pheewwiitt..so handsome ]
A small step 4 Dr Sheikh Muzhaphar.
A giant leap for all Malaysian.
He is the symbol of the possible.
If he can do it,so,we can do it too.

The people are our greatest assets.
The key to our future success.
Will be largely determined.
By how we deal with the changes.
Brougth by globalisation.
We must ensure that the benefits are shared.
We must equip malaysian better for this new world.
We seek a nation that is truly one nation.

In the line of vision 2020.
Cyberspace has become an important platform.
For people to get what they want.
It's da preferred choice.
Among the younger generation. [ like us ]
The internet cannot be neglected.
What will happe if we do???
It will be like leaving our swords behind in a battle.

We,the youngsters of Malaysia.
Want a country.
Founded on security,peace and prosperity.
Upholding the principle of our Rukun Negara.
[Belief in God]
[loyalty to King and Country]
[good morality and behaviour]
We want forward thinking malaysian.
To meet the chalenges of globalisation.
Let us all work together.
Hand in hand to create A BETTER TOMOROW.
One voice One hope One nation.
One Malaysia..

that's all from us...tq...[ting]

ni lirik choral speaking group ak...
group P yg tetiba jdwinner4 da 2010 choral speaking competition.
tu la org kata 'miracle is everywhere'
masa blatih hari tu cincai2 jek..mcm2 da..yg nk marah la.yg dtg lewat la..xdak bas la...
mcm2 la...org kata dugaan n cabaran berkumpulan la tu..x puas ati ngan yg tu la..ngan yg ni la..
alih2 tetiba menang...huiissshh..mmg MIRACLE..
mula2 kls ag,madam da marah kt kami..ye la sbb x hapal...bila nk kna evaluate..sume kecut perut.
ak pom tergolong dlm golongan tu jgk..p yg bertuah nyer,nama ku x terpanggil 4 da 1st day evaluation tu..
alhamdulillah sgt2x..boley gak ak balik hapal...ada la time seminggu ag kan...

hmmm...lepas kemenangan ni...kami stu kls mcm mkin rapat lak...antara bdk SP n BIO....n sorg dak PK n KH..n pe yg special sal group ni,kami sume pompuan..xdok laki pom...kami guna 'DA GURLZ POWER' utk menang competition ni..ahakkzzz...arap2 lps ni frenship ni kekal forever la...n yg x tahan nyer jgk..Mdm Nadiah Yan ckp 'msa kls pom sy rasa nk nangis ngan kamu semua ni,bila da mng ni pom ase nk nangis jgk'...hhahaha...cian Mdm...sbr je la ngan kerenah kami...pe yg kami tuntut ngan Mdm adalah 'Mdm,increase our carry mark k'...orite..

pe yg ak hrp kan adalah..mntk2 la UBI ak ni dpt A....score la...just tinggl stu task ag utk sbjek ni...
task yg mcm MUET dulu....speaking gtu la....adushhh......pape pom..ak njoy choral speakin ni smpai mcm nk pecah gegendang telinga ni...ahahahahah

bergambar bersama Mdm Nadiah yan slps tamat semuanyer..

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